Why Choose R. R. Construction for Civil Construction Work

“Superior Results - Qualified Expertise - Valued Associations” This statement actually sums up why you should choose     R. R. Constructions for all your civil contracts! With a base of over 200 complete projects, 130+ trusted clients and around 50 awards won, we have made a difference in the industry with our excellence as well as expertise. We make your dreams come true. Every model of construction is unique and reliable. Our team is committed to offering better craftsmanship and maintaining stronger ties with the clients. R. R. Construction believes in building the strongest foundation not on just the land but also in fulfilling expectations. Operating worldwide, R. R. Construction is in the business for over two decades. We have faced all kinds of challenges and turned them all into victorious completions. R. R. Construction has a tradition of achievements and works in the field of Institutional, Commercial as well as Residential constructions. The RRC (R. R. Construction) Assurance & Commitment

1. On-time quality and budgeted property completion.
2. Providing even the smallest assistance to our clients.
3. Having an expert team of engineers.
4. Every tool and system assures punctual deliveries.
5. Safety and quality are our hallmarks.
6. We have a heavy experience in the civil engineering contracts and operate in both public as well as private sectors.
7. We have a specialization of and serve three key business areas: Civil Engineering Contracts, Engineering Consultancy & Project management and Turnkey Contracts including Design & Engineering.
8. Our civil engineers are very much professional with their work and work ethics.
9. We have worked on a diversity of construction projects.
10. R. R. Constructions have earned that credibility, repute and have successfully completed several projects under even tight budgets and in strict timelines.
11. R. R Construction works with the clients in a consultative manner informing them about the potential suggestions and recommendations.
12. Each of the outcomes has been exceptional as well as valuable and client satisfaction is what we got in return.

We are R. R. Constructions and we bring all your visions close to the realities. From blueprint to brick to a guaranteed construction - We deliver everything on time. And as our tagline says "Committed to Excellence" we definitely believe in doing so. No matter what situations are, delays do not bother us!

R. R. Construction has been serving clients since the 1990s and their testimonials sing the success story. We have always believed in putting extensive efforts to achieve the greatest. If it can be done right in the first time itself, it can be done by us. We see no second chances. And once a project has been taken up, the finished site will only deliver smiles and satisfaction.

Md. Shakil Ahsan

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